It’s All Worthwhile

Donors often ask how it is that the staff at Family Abuse Center handle the stress. Yes, it is true, we hear stories from our clients that will give us all nightmares for the rest of our lives.  We see things that no human being should see. We listen to sad stories of abuse and violence that impact children and the elderly. We work daily with clients who often don’t see any way out of the situation. It is easy to feel hopeless and for them to feel abandon.

But we also have the opportunity to watch people find creative solutions to difficult problem. We see generous donors who want to make a difference. We see families devastated by domestic violence who want to help other families get out the situation. We see young people who want to “pay it forward” in volunteering. We have a wonderful dedicated staff who go above and beyond to assist clients in becoming independent.

My greatest joys are those moments when out in the community a woman whispers in my ear, “Thank you so much. I am doing great now” or “You saved my life, thank you!” Because of confidentiality, we can’t acknowledge anyone as a former client, but we see former clients in the community all the time. Sometimes they openly tell us how much they appreciate our help. Whether overt or subtle,  they often remind us that the work we do changes lives for the better. It is all worthwhile.

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