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Our Mission

We exist to eliminate domestic violence in Central Texas by sheltering victims of domestic violence and by preventing abuse from occurring through intervention and education. Join us.

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Victims are traumatized, suffer from low self-esteem and have limited access to resources; all of which keep them trapped in violent relationships. With safety, counseling, and supportive services, survivors of domestic violence experience healing and empowerment, and decide for themselves to live free of violence.

education Family Abuse Center Waco

Early intervention, prevention education, domestic violence education, and community awareness can interrupt the intergenerational cycle of violence and reduce the social acceptance of domestic violence.

protecting children Family Abuse Center Waco

Children from violent homes experience trauma, suffer psychologically, physically, emotionally and socially. Family Abuse Center recognizes child witnesses as primary victims of domestic violence.

building awareness Family Abuse Center Waco

Every individual in our community can become more aware of how to prevent, intervene and be less tolerant of domestic violence.

Services for Victims of Domestic Violence

About Our Services

The Family Abuse Center offers a free, safe and confidential place for adults and children to begin to experience life without violence. Our professional staff listens, advocates and provides moral support to all those seeking our services. We offer counseling, transportation help, job and life skills education, and more.

Who We Serve


The Family Abuse Center provides a wide variety of services for all victims of domestic violence. For adults, we are able to provide emergency shelter along with general services such as case management, counseling, support groups, an array of legal services and assistance with housing. Our general services are also available to those who choose not to or do not need to come stay at the shelter as well as those who reside in rural areas.


The Family Abuse Center provides a wide variety of services for all victims of domestic violence. For children, we are able to provide emergency shelter for children and their parent along with services such as case management, assistance with school related arrangements or concerns, counseling, therapeutic and educational groups and enrichment activities for the parent and child while at the shelter to strengthen family relationships.

Victims in Rural Counties

The Family Abuse Center provides a wide variety of services for all victims of domestic violence, including those who live in rural areas. Our experienced professional staff are committed to providing services for those in Waco and our surrounding counties. Our outreach services include case management, counseling, support groups, life skills and financial planning classes, an array of legal services, and assistance with housing.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We here at the Family Abuse Center cherish our volunteers. People that are willing to donate their time and efforts are essential to making our shelter run smoothly and efficiently. There are a variety of different volunteer positions open and available that can fit almost any schedule, skill, and desire.

Job Opportunities

When you think of dedication, think of our staff here at the Family Abuse Center. We have an amazing staff! Everyone from our administration staff, to our shelter staff, right down to our interns & volunteers works to help our clients make a new and better start. Click the below to learn more about becoming a part of our team.


At Family Abuse Center, we hold several events every year to raise awareness and support for our organization. In addition, we hold volunteer orientation periodically which is mandatory for those who wish to get involved volunteering with us. Click the link to learn more about past and upcoming events.

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