Services We Provide

Our experienced professional staff are committed to providing services for those in Waco and our surrounding counties.

Children Services

The Family Abuse Center provides a wide variety of services for all victims of domestic violence. For children, we are able to provide emergency shelter for children and their parent along with services such as case management, assistance with school related arrangements or concerns, counseling, therapeutic and educational groups and enrichment activities for the parent and child while at the shelter to strengthen family relationships.

Case Management Services

When a new family enters the shelter, it can be a difficult and scary time for children of all ages. The Children’s Services Coordinator (CSC) or other children’s staff and interns will work with each family to help with the transition of living in the emergency shelter.

Counseling Services

Each child over 5 is welcomed and encouraged to participate in receiving individual and group therapy by our counselor. We are currently working on slowly integrating play therapy as an option. There is a children’s counseling group that meets once a week during evening group time. Parents can requests counseling for their children and the CSC will make that referral.

Evening Activity Groups

Evening activity groups meet every evening from 7-8pm Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

Educational Arrangements

It has been shown that each time a student changes schools, they lose about six months academically. At Family Abuse Center, it is the CSC’s goal that all children are in a safe school within 24 business hours of their arrival at the shelter.

Preventative Services

A representative from the children’s department is happy to present child abuse identification and prevention, domestic violence and children, and violence prevention information to schools, community groups or organizations.