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Twenty for Tails


Family Abuse Center is aiming to raise $20,000 by August 1 to build a pet shelter on our property so no survivor who seeks our services has to leave their furry friend behind. 

As many as 48% of domestic violence survivors delay leaving an abuser out of concern for their pets, but when emergency shelters like ours can welcome animals, that barrier to safety is eliminated. At this time, though, only 17% of domestic violence shelters accept pets. We’re ready to be one of them.

The Human-Animal Bond

There’s no denying that the human-animal bond is special, but most importantly for our clients, animals can play a critical role in healing. According to Johns Hopkins, “Research has shown that simply petting a dog lowers the stress hormone cortisol, while the social interaction between people and their dogs actually increases levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin.”

When the Urban Resource Institute asked survivors about the role pets played in their healing, “91% indicated that their pets’ emotional support and physical protection are significant in their ability to survive and heal.” Having an animal nearby helps people talk through tough conversations, teaches trust and empathy, encourages a sense of responsibility, and provides a feeling of security. 

Keeping Pets Safe

Finally, welcoming pets to our shelter protects them from the unsafe person. What is often referred to as the Link tells us that there is a significant connection between human and animal violence. Especially in a domestic violence situation, abusers might target pets to maintain terror and fright, eliminate a source of support, force the family to return home, or gain more power and control. Simply put, ensuring pets have a refuge keeps survivors and animals alive. 

Our Mission

For these reasons, we’re confident that building a pet shelter is an important step in our mission of eliminating domestic violence in Central Texas by sheltering victims of domestic violence and by preventing abuse from occurring through intervention and education. 

Will you join us in creating a safe space for survivors and their pets to heal together?

Donation Tiers

$100 Dog Tag
Starting at $250 Brick Along Our Pet Shelter
Starting at $500 Nameplate on a Plaque Inside Our Shelter
(Protected from the weather and wear)
$2,500 Cat Kennel in Honor of Donor
$5,000 Dog Kennel in Honor of Donor