Reflections on a quiet Friday evening — To Our Staff

As it gets quiet throughout the shelter on a Friday night, I am reminded of how much the staff of Family Abuse Center are dedicated to this great cause.

To each of you:

You work longer hours than you are required because you care and you can’t just stop caring.

You take extra time to talk to our children as they get off the school bus asking how their day was.

You go above and beyond to make sure that field trips and group go as planned.

You pick up that extra piece of trash sitting in the hall way when everyone else just walks on by.

You take your turn cleaning our common areas, so that we can use our money on more important things like helping our clients.

You donate to Family Abuse Center and United Way out of your small check because you believe in what we are doing.

You give a hotline call an extra minute or two because the client needs an extra moment to collect her thoughts.

You believe what seems unbelievable as the clients tell about the horrible situations and experiences that bring them to our shelter.

You close the door once in a while and shed a tear because we can’t always make everything perfect or right.

Sometimes you walk out into the parking lot and scream with rage at the injustice and system that often victimizes our clients again and again.

No one works at Family Abuse Center for the pay or because it is easy. We work here because we believe in the mission.  We are dedicated to eliminating domestic violence by sheltering victims and also by raising awareness about domestic violence.

We are working hard to put Family Abuse Center out of business. I pray for the day when our services are no longer needed.

Thank you for all your hard work and your dedication to Family Abuse Center.

-Kathy Reid, Executive Director


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