Praying for Family Abuse Center

Lakeshore Baptist Church prayed for Family Abuse Center on Sunday in the morning prayer.  What a special thing to do for us!  I’m sure there are other congregations and faith groups that pray for us, but often we don’t know anything about it.  It means a lot to sit there and hear the spoken words as a group of people lift up our work, our clients and our staff.

Working on domestic violence issues is not easy work.  Our staff often feel overwhelmed.  Our clients experience violence in ways that no one should ever have to face.  Our staff hears these heart breaking stories.  Sometimes our staff are threatened.  Beyond all of that, staff often feel isolated because we can’t talk about our work without breaking confidentiality and putting someone else at risk.  Perhaps even more troubling is that lack of support that comes from the larger society that doesn’t want to speak about or recognize that domestic violence even exists.  Too often, we feel invisible.

Family Abuse Center so appreciates the donations and the support from the faith community.  Congregations in Waco provide so much to us.  Many congregations bring food.  They support clients from their congregations during their stay with us.  Crestview Church of Christ loans us materials (tables, and other supplies). They even loan us their church vans and provide space for us for trainings and meetings.  Calvary Baptist Church and St. Alban’s Episcopal Church give us space for our Christmas parties with the kids.   St. Jerome’s Catholic Church has designated us for special giving.  Central United Methodist Church provides many opportunities for our clients. First Baptist Woodway Chruch gives our mothers a break with a play day for all the kids. Harris Creek Baptist Church and Antioch Community Church send life groups to volunteer.  All these congregations participate in raising awareness about domestic violence. There are many other congregations that give us support. These are just a few.  It is refreshing to have so much support from the faith community.

We appreciate the donations, the support and most importantly, we appreciate the prayers.  Thank you.

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