A Day in the Life of FAC’s Shelter Manager, Janice

The staff is taking over Facebook this week. Here’s what Janice’s Monday looks like. Check out FAC’s Facebook to follow along!
4-7-2014 // 9:38 am

My name is Janice and I’m the Shelter Manager. This morning starting at 6 am we served breakfast for 50 clients. Their meal consisted of blueberry pancakes, orange juice, bagels and cream cheese and sliced peaches. After breakfast, our next task is to get the children on the school buses.

Between the hours of 8 and 9 am, I placed the Capital Area food bank order, completed shelter inventory for our website, packed lunches for clients and completed client room check.

11:11 am

I just finished up house laundry and am sorting and putting up our weekly Crestview Church of Christ food donation. Crestview has been donating weekly to the shelter at least since I started in 1995.

Next I’ll clean up the dining room and get lunch ready. On the menu today: hot links and the fixings, french fries and apple sauce. I usually serve lunch from 12-1. Throughout the day, I also help out clients with various needs and am continually prepping for the upcoming meal.

2:00 pm

After lunch, I clean up the dining room, make sure the food is tagged and that dinner is prepped and everything is ready to go for the afternoon resident advocate (R.A.).

During the day, I continually do peer counseling, simple case management and ultimately try to meet our clients’ basic everyday needs. This can be anything from helping to fill out forms and faxing papers to cleaning up messes and monitoring prescriptions. I also help out when needed with various other responsibilities such as feeding the cats, Churchill and Power, making a chore list for the clients and planning the week’s meals.

Thanks for following along. – Janice

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