A Day in the Life of FAC’s Director of Finance, Whitney

The staff is taking over Facebook this week. Here’s what Whitney’s Tuesday looks like. Check out FAC’s Facebook to follow along!
4-8-2014 // 9:43 am

Good morning! My name is Whitney and I am the Director of Finance. I take care of all the financial aspects of FAC, which include paying bills, payroll, deposits and grant reimbursement requests. I’m also currently managing our thrift store, Second Chance Thrift Store, in addition to taking care of all building and IT problems.

My day started off by walking in the door at 8 am and checking in with our Shelter Manager Janice and Executive Director Kathy. I have two desk reviews due this week for two of our larger grants. I am working on pulling selected bills, timesheets, payroll records, and cleared checks to send back to the grantor. They will make sure everything was documented correctly and no corrections are needed.
Once I have pulled my documentation I will see if there are any bills to be entered and taken care of this morning since I will be at the thrift store for part of the day.

12:02 pm

I’m working on the month end closing entries for March. Next I’ll review the expenses for the month and make sure all bills are entered. I do this every month to make sure we are in line with the budget.

2:17 pm

Now I’m headed to the thrift store to check in and make sure everything is going smoothly. I’ll work on their deposit from the weekend so we can get the money in the bank quickly. We had a busy day Saturday, but the deposits won’t take too long. In any free moment I will continue to work on grant reimbursements and reports, so that everything is in order and verified.

4:30 pm

The last thing I’ll do today will get me out of the office – I do the weekly maintenance check on our KaBOOM! playground in order to maintain a safe play environment for our kid clients. Sometimes I test out the slide for myself, just to make sure it’s still as fun as it looks!
Thanks for following along! – Whitney

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