A Day in the Life of FAC’s Executive Director, Kathy

The staff is taking over Facebook this week. Here’s what Kathy’s Thursday looks like. Check out FAC’s Facebook to follow along!
4-10-2014 // 9:59 am

My name is Kathy Reid. I’m Executive Director of Family Abuse Center. One of my favorite things is to arrive early at the shelter. I love being here before most staff come in. I like watching the parking lot fill up. I’m sure part of the attraction is that it is often the quietest part of the day. No matter how early I arrive, all the kids are already off to school. The school buses come between 6:45 and 7:15 and I am not usually able to be here that early. This morning, however, was a late morning. I left home at 8 a.m. I had a breakfast meeting with a colleague, Amy Perkins, Executive Director of the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children. Collaborative work is an essential part of our work. We work together to bring services and hope to victims.

3:35 pm

My day has been busy and it is only half over. Lots of meetings…this afternoon I was working with all the other non-profit homeless service providers in our continuum of care. We are working on developing a Coordinated Access program for all the homeless people seeking housing in Waco. Yes, victims of domestic violence count as homeless people. In fact, domestic violence is the major cause of women and children being homeless.

4:32 pm

Next stop for me is the Open House at the Migel House. Our former board chair Kitty Tunmire and her husband Robert purchased a historic mansion in Waco built in 1907. They have been doing massive renovations. Today is an open house benefiting the Family Abuse Center. I’m looking forward to greeting people and seeing this wonderful old building restored to its former glory. Thank you Kitty and Robert! – Kathy

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