Day of Remembrance 2023

In memory of the Texas women and men killed by their intimate partners in 2022

Lives lost in our service area during 2022:

Ellis County*

Barry Morgan, 33
August 23, 2022 | Red Oak
Barry Morgan died after his girlfriend, Holly Daugherty, 29, shot and killed him. Daugherty then fled. Witnesses reported the shooting and stated that Daugherty drove off in a vehicle. Authorities located Daugherty, arrested, and charged her with murder. Barry is survived by his daughter, age 12, and his son, age 11.

McLennan County

Monica Delgado, 38
September 29, 2022 | McGregor
Monica Delgado died after her husband, Nicolas Jaimes-Hernandez, 35, shot and killed her in their home. Jaimes-Hernandez shot and killed Monica’s daughter, Natalie Avila, 14, and her son, Miguel Avila, 15. Monica’s three younger children were in the home. Jaimes-Hernandez left the home and shot and killed a neighbor, Lori Aviles, 47, outside her home, then entered and shot and killed Lori’s daughter, Natalie Aviles, 20. He drove off and shot at neighbors in a nearby home, injuring one of them. Jaimes-Hernandez fired at responding law enforcement officers, who shot and injured him. Emergency responders transported him to a hospital. Authorities arrested and charged him with capital murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Monica is survived by her daughter and two sons, ages 4, 6 and 8.

Minerva Rosas, 61
February 2, 2022 | McGregor
Minerva Rosas died after her husband, Byron Bryant, 51, stabbed her. Minerva was in a vehicle with Bryant, felt unsafe, and sought help in a store. Four of her grandchildren were with her in the vehicle. Bryant followed her and stabbed her inside the store, and then a bystander shot and injured Bryant. Emergency responders transported Minerva and Bryant to a hospital. Minerva died five days later. Authorities arrested and charged Bryant with murder. He pled guilty to murder and received 61 years. Minnie is survived by two sons and two daughters.

Kimberly Cheney, 39
March 14, 2022 | Waco
Kimberly Cheney died at home when her husband, Adam Gorski, 37, shot and killed her. Gorski also shot and killed his mother, Teresa Vise, 61. Gorski called 911 to report the shooting. Authorities arrested Gorski, and he pled guilty to two charges of capital murder, receiving a sentence of life in prison without parole.

Navarro County*

Pattie Freeman, 43
March 13, 2022 | Frost
Pattie Freeman died in a hospital after her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Milazzo, 41, shot her in February 2022. Milazzo also shot and killed Pattie’s son, Hunter, 4, his sons, Joshua Milazzo, 21, and Xzavier Milazzo, 20, and his mother, Connie Mimms, 61, and her husband William Mimms, 68, and his step-sister, Dottie Palmer, 43. Milazzo’s son, age 5, was at the home of Connie and William and witnessed the shootings. Emergency responders transported Pattie to a hospital, where she died five weeks later. Milazzo fled the scene and shot and killed himself as law enforcement approached his vehicle. Milazzo had been in prison and had a lengthy criminal history, including multiple convictions for family violence. Milazzo was prohibited from possessing firearms as a result. Media reports indicated his son was driving him to a mental health treatment center when they went missing.

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216 Texans were killed by intimate partners. This number includes 179 women and 37 men, including six LGBTQ+ victims. Homicide perpetrators also shot and killed 28 family members, friends, or bystanders, and injured an additional 14 victims, including five law enforcement officers and nine family members, neighbors, and friends. The victims included 10 children who were killed and two children who were injured. Two hundred seventeen adults and minor children lost a parent to domestic violence.

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*We no longer serve Ellis and Navarro county as they now have primary service providers within their county. However, we wanted to include the narratives from their counties as we didn't withdrew until October 2022.