Day of Remembrance 2017

In memory of the Texas women and men killed by their intimate partners in 2016

McLennan County

Natasha Dauzat, 21
Bellmead | August 25, 2016
Davie Dauzat, 23, stabbed and beheaded his wife, Natasha, killing her inside their home. Prior, to the murder, Dauzat called his brother, who became concerned and requested a welfare check. Authorities responded to the home and spoke to Dauzat and Natasha and determined no further assistance was necessary. Two hours later Dauzat's brother received a second phone call from Dauzat, who confessed he had killed Natasha. When authorities responded, Dauzat barricaded himself inside the home until a hostage negotiator convinced Dauzat to come outside. Authorities arrested and charged Dauzat with murder. The couple's three-year-old daughter and one-year-old son were inside the home. Dauzat had a history of violence towards Natasha. Natasha is survived by her daughter and son.


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