Day of Remembrance 2016

In memory of the Texas women and men killed by their intimate partners in 2015

McLennan County

Lauren Patschke, 47
Crawford | July 6, 2015
James Brossett, 48, shot and killed his ex-girlfriend Laura in the bedroom of her home. Brossett broke into the home through the garage. Laura's son, age 18, attempted to intervene, and Brossett shot and injured him. Laura's two sons fled for help while her daughter hid in her bedroom as BRossett fled the scene. Several months prior to the murder, Laura had ended the relationship. Brossett has an extensive family violence history, including stalking and violating protective orders. Days before her murder, authorities issued an arrest warrant for stalking because Brossett had sent Laura repeated text messages and calls. Authorities arrested Brossett and charged him with capital murder and attempted capital murder. Laura is survived by her two songs, ages 17 and 18, and her daughter age 13.

Theresa Paloma, 44
Waco | January 12, 2015
Jimmy Rosales, 45, strangled and beat his girlfriend Theresa inside her home. A family member found her body and called 911. Three days later, authorities arrested and charged Rosales with murder. A grand jury indicted Rosales on a murder charge. Theresa is survived by her four children.

Rebecca Penix, 52
Waco | September 13, 2015
Michael Penix, 52, shot and killed his wife Rebecca in the bedroom of their home. Penix contacted law enforcement and confessed to killing Rebecca. Authorities arrested and charged Penix with murder. Rebecca is survived by her adult daughter and son.


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