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Jenny Higginbotham and Patrick Rodriguez

Jenny Higginbotham_

Jenny Higginbotham has over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer in Waco. She is the owner and coach at 610 Fit Training Studio. Jenny's studio was born out of her passion to inspire people to transform their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually through the strength found in Christ.

Patrick Headshot

Patricio Rodriguez is a Waco native who began dancing at the age of eight. He has performed at Disney World, on cruise ships and danced on Stephen F. Austin's national collegiate dance team. He has participated in many dance competitions, held a variety of dance titles and made television appearances. Patricio's dance styles include a variety such as Jazz, Hip-Hop and many others. He learned from different dance instructors with well-accomplished dance resumes. Through his years of experience, his skills have helped him develop confidence in himself to give others the fundamentals in learning, performing and excelling in dance. His passion for dance is displayed throughout his classes. When you leave, you will walk out wanting to come back.