HOPES Program Coordinator

Position Status: Full-time                   

FLSA: Non-exempt (hourly)    

Supervised by: Family Abuse Center Executive Director



The HOPES Program Coordinator oversees the HOPES Program including the Parents as Teachers affiliate. The Coordinator will be responsible for the implementation and coordination of service delivery, documentation and reporting, and community networking and outreach. Working with the Executive Director of the Family Abuse Center and the Director of Finance, the HOPES Program Coordinator will oversee the implementation of the program.




  • Master’s Degree in Education, Early Childhood Education or Human services preferred.
  • Bachelor’s Degree required



  • 2 or more years’ experience in the field of early childhood development, education, home visitation preferred.
  • Experience supervising staff preferred.



  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong organizational and record keeping skills
  • Commitment to reflective supervision, data collection, and continuous quality improvement.
  • Computer skills; including web browsing, e-mail, Internet, and word-processing
  • Understanding of grant implementation.
  • Ability to maintain personal balance and accomplish multiple tasks that require a variety of skills



  • Supervision requires completeing the PAT Foundational and Model Implementation Trainings before delivering the PAT model or supervising parent educators.



  • Coordinate and monitor the delivery of services in accordance with all grant requirements including  PAT Essential Requirements, PAT Quality Standards, and affiliate policies and procedures
  • Coordinate HOPES Coalition in order to develop/maintain relationships with community organizations and leaders to help grow and sustain the program
  • Oversee direct recruitment efforts or participation in centralized intake system
  • Supervise all staff including parent educators (maintaining necessary documentation of the following activities)
    • Provide at least 2 hours of individual reflective supervision monthly to each parent educator and other HOPES professional staff.
    • Provide an orientation process for all staff including new parent educators that begins with hiring and continues throughout the first year after PAT training
    • Conduct at least 2 hours of staff meetings monthly that cover administrative issues and provide opportunities for review of implementation data, case discussion, peer support and skill building
    • Observe parent educators delivering services within 6 months after training and then at least annually thereafter, providing verbal and written feedback
    • Observe at least 1 group connection quarterly
    • Facilitate parent educators’ completion of an annual core-competencies self-assessment
    • Complete an annual performance evaluation of each parent educator, including written professional development goals
  • Ensure that parent educators obtain necessary professional development and renew certification with PATNC annually
  • Monitor service documentation, data collection and reporting.
  • Engage in quality assurance using PAT quality assurance tools
  • Facilitate continuous quality improvement
  • Maintain a case load of families (minimum of 8 families) enrolled in PAT


Send resumes and cover letters to Kathy.Reid@familyabusecenter.org

Christmas Bow

Family Abuse Center’s donors come in all shapes in sizes and are inspired by anything you can imagine. This is the story behind a donation Family Abuse Center received for the babies and infants we serve.

Christie is an instructor at the local YMCA. As a dedicated instructor, Christie shares parts of her life with her class. This year seemed to be about animals. Christie and her husband have always had a heart for animals, particularly donkeys.  For Christmas, Christie was surprised by her husband with a pair of miniature donkeys – Holly and Nick. After coming to live with Christie and her husband, both donkeys began putting on healthy weight, but Holly’s weight seemed to continue increasing. After a trip to the veterinarian, it was determined that Holly was pregnant and might be due in the summer sometime. Each evening, Christie would go to the field and feed Holly and Nick treats and check on them.

In her excitement, Christie talked about Holly every time she instructed her Silver Sneaker’s class at the YMCA. Caught up in all the excitement, the class wanted to have a baby shower and meet the new donkey when he arrives.  Christie has had a heart for Family Abuse Center for a number of years and decided to turn the baby shower into a fundraiser for baby items to bring to the shelter. The plan was made for May 23rd to have the baby shower. Happily, Holly’s baby was born on May 20th, just in time for the party! Because his appearance was such a surprise, the baby was name “Bow” because he was the bow bringing the Christmas surprise together. From the clients and staff at Family Abuse Center, thank you Bow and your family for your inspiration and generosity!


Bilingual Parent Educator

Position Status: Full-time                   

FLSA: Non-exempt (hourly)

Supervised by: Family Abuse Center Executive Director



A certified parent educator will implement the PAT model, emphasizing parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting and family well-being in their work with families. Utilizing the PAT Foundational Curriculum in culturally sensitive ways, the parent educator partners, facilitates and reflects with families.




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development or Early Childhood Education field required
  • Master’s Degree in Education  preferred



  • 2 or more years experience in the field of Early Childhood Education preferred
  • Experience in early Childhood Education field required



  • Bilingual preferred
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills (e.g., nonjudgmental, objective, reflective, empathic, patient, tactful
  • Demonstrated experience and ease working with a diverse population of clients
  • Ability to establish rapport with families and empower them by building on their strengths
  • Strong organizational and record keeping skills
  • Ability to work independently and be self-motivated (often in the field)
  • Computer skills; including web browsing, e-mail, Internet, and word-processing
  • Demonstrates effectiveness as a member of a team as well as the ability to work independently and to take initiative
  • Ability to maintain personal balance and accomplish multiple tasks that require a variety of skills



  • The parent educator must complete the Parents as Teachers Foundational and Model Implementation Trainings before delivering PAT services.



  • Engage in recruitment  and retention activities (as applicable)
  • Complete an initial and annual family-centered assessment with each family (as required by the PAT Model)
  • Develop, monitors and reviews goals with each family
  • Provide personal home visits focused on parent-child interaction, development-centered parenting and family well-being (including planning, delivering and documenting the visit)
  • Use the PAT Foundational curriculum to share research based information with families
  • Provide group connections to give families an opportunity to build social connections with each other, engage in parent-child interaction activities, and increase their knowledge of ways to support children’s development
  • Complete initial and annual developmental child screening and health review for each enrolled child
  • Connect families to resources that help them reach their goals and address their needs
  • Help parents and children transition to other services as needed, to preschool, or to kindergarten
  • Maintain and submit in a timely way all required family and program documentation
  • Organize and inventory supplies/materials, etc.
  • Participate in at least 2 hours of reflective supervision monthly and at least 2 hours of staff meetings monthly
  • Obtain competency-based professional development and renew parent educator certification annually
  • Participate in continuous quality improvement



  • Must have a personal vehicle for home visitation (mileage reimbursement will be provided).
  • Must be available for weekend or evening appointments if necessary.


Send cover letters and resumes to Kathy.Reid@familyabusecenter.org.

Thrift Store Donation Stocking Clerk

Title:                           Temporary – Donation and Stocking Clerk

Supervisor:                Store Manager

Status:                        Non-Exempt (Part-Time)


Scope of Duties:

Greet donors, accept donations, obtain donor information and distribute receipts.  Maintain good donor relationships.  Sort, distribute, store and retrieve donated merchandise following established guidelines.  Maximize profitability of donations by repairing, cleaning, displaying and moving the donated merchandise.   Assist donation driver with large donation pick-up and distribution.  Move heavy boxes and furniture, vacuum floors, break down empty boxes, remove trash from store.  Set-up, install and dust/clean displays, shelves and store fixtures. Clean windows, bathrooms, and floors when scheduled.  Work with volunteers as assigned.  Attend scheduled staff meetings.  Perform other duties as assigned.  Evening and weekend work may be required.  Job requires heavy lifting, use of ladders and step-stools, and knowledge of basic mechanical skills and tools.


Essential Job Functions:


  1. Greet donors, receive and distribute donations and receipt appropriately.
  2. Maintain good donor and customer relationships.
  3. Sort, clean, repair, price and inventory donations as directed to maximize their value and profitability.
  4. Assist with heavy lifting, display, inventory, storage and retrieval of donations and customer purchases.
  5. Assist with basic store maintenance.
  6. Display merchandise in an orderly and appealing manner.
  7. Safeguard store assets through loss prevention techniques including appropriate cash handling procedures, minimizing theft opportunities, reporting suspected shoplifting, securing premises consistently at closing and during store hours, and diligently maintaining observation and control of entrances, exits and employee only areas.
  8. Other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications:


High school diploma or GED.  Demonstrate the ability to accurately make change and use a cash register after training.  Must be able to frequently lift at least 50 and up to 100 pounds, climb stairs/ladders/step-stools and stand for extended periods of time.  Must have good verbal communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively with others as a team.  Bilingual language skills in Spanish and English are not necessary but would be considered an asset.  All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities.


I have read and understood the Thrift Store Donation and Stocking Clerk job description.  I am willing and able to perform the functions described.

Go to 2nd Chance Thrift Store for application.
1412 Sunset Blvd Waco, Texas 76710.


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