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Christmas Bow

Family Abuse Center’s donors come in all shapes in sizes and are inspired by anything you can imagine. This is the story behind a donation Family Abuse Center received for the babies and infants we serve.

Christie is an instructor at the local YMCA. As a dedicated instructor, Christie shares parts of her life with her class. This year seemed to be about animals. Christie and her husband have always had a heart for animals, particularly donkeys.  For Christmas, Christie was surprised by her husband with a pair of miniature donkeys – Holly and Nick. After coming to live with Christie and her husband, both donkeys began putting on healthy weight, but Holly’s weight seemed to continue increasing. After a trip to the veterinarian, it was determined that Holly was pregnant and might be due in the summer sometime. Each evening, Christie would go to the field and feed Holly and Nick treats and check on them.

In her excitement, Christie talked about Holly every time she instructed her Silver Sneaker’s class at the YMCA. Caught up in all the excitement, the class wanted to have a baby shower and meet the new donkey when he arrives.  Christie has had a heart for Family Abuse Center for a number of years and decided to turn the baby shower into a fundraiser for baby items to bring to the shelter. The plan was made for May 23rd to have the baby shower. Happily, Holly’s baby was born on May 20th, just in time for the party! Because his appearance was such a surprise, the baby was name “Bow” because he was the bow bringing the Christmas surprise together. From the clients and staff at Family Abuse Center, thank you Bow and your family for your inspiration and generosity!


Back to School!

We have had such an amazing time this summer, but it’s time to start preparing for school again. Please keep in mind Family Abuse Center has students from Pre-Kindergarten all the way through High School. See below for a list of needed items. We greatly appreciate your support!

New/Gently Used uniforms
Index Cards
Graphing paper
Composition Notebooks
Pocket Folders
Pencil Cases
Erasers Quart size
Ziploc style bags
3 Ring Binders
Dry Erase Markers
Calculators (all grades)
Pencil Sharpeners
Red/Black/Blue Pens
Map colors
Packages of wide-ruled notebook paper
Standard 12” ruler
Hand Sanitizer
Facial Tissues

A Day in the Life of an FAC Case Manager, Natalie

The staff is taking over Facebook this week. Here’s what Natalie’s Friday looks like. Check out FAC’s Facebook to follow along!
4-11-2014 // 9:49 am

Hi! My name is Natalie and I am a case manager for our ESG housing program at FAC. Because I work under more than one grant, I get to wear many hats here. Primarily, I provide case management for clients living in the shelter as well as clients who are in our ESG (emergency solutions grant) and TBRA (tenant based rental assistance) housing programs. I also help with our weekly support groups, informally supervise interns as needed, help coordinate a weekly clinic here at the shelter, do street outreach to connect people living on the streets to our services, and do administrative work for my grant such as monthly performance reports.

3:16 pm

From 10 am to noon, I went to a few homeless encampments that I have visited before for our weekly street outreach. We do street outreach because we know that people who are homeless and transient are particularly vulnerable to abuse exploitation, and assault. It is one of our many ways to teach out to high risk populations. Today we gave out hygiene bags, bus passes, a few jugs of water and helped one person with a prescription and sugary food to raise his blood sugar.
The faces of homelessness are incredibly diverse, and each one has a different story and a different set of skills, abilities and needs. Today we talked with a man who has lived outside for many years. When asked what he needs, he simply told us he’d like his dog to have his shots. We also checked on a couple who are newly homeless and are diligently looking for work. Their campsite was well organized and complete with abstract art and decorations. They were glad to see us again, and only asked us for a bus pass to use for job searching.

Street outreach is one of my favorite parts of my job, especially on beautiful days like this one!

4:49 pm

Yesterday, I inspected three apartments for clients who are transitioning into our housing programs. Today, I am getting together some of the paperwork needed to move the process along. When a client is accepted into one of my programs, I become their case manager. From here, the first step is securing safe, affordable housing. Once we find the right home, I inspect it for safety. I look at wiring, ventilation, structural integrity, security of windows and doors, and much more. After a little more planning and paperwork, we help our clients move into their new homes. After that, we continue to meet regularly for support groups and case management until they graduate from the program.

Working with our housing programs means that I get to be a part of the journey all the way through. It starts with a hotline call, then an intake. When they come into our emergency shelter, they are often at their lowest. After what is often many months in our housing program, I am usually saying goodbye to a person who is at their highest, knowing that our ending is really a brand new beginning for them.

6:57 pm

As the day winds to an end, we leave it to the resident advocates (RAs) to make sure everyone is safe and happy until Monday. Of course, a social worker is on call all weekend in case of a crisis. The RAs will work in shifts so that someone is here 24/7 to meet daily needs and answer our hotline. It has been another busy but productive week at FAC! I met with several clients, did a few intakes and inspections, took a few hotline calls, submitted my monthly grant report, successfully coordinated clinic and our weekly staffing meeting, and spent a lot of time helping clients obtain needed resources and services. These might include a bus pass, a referral, a neutral party to help solve a conflict, a prescription, transportation, crisis intervention, or advocacy and collaboration with other agencies. It has been a great week working with a fantastic team of professionals! Have a great weekend everyone! – Natalie

A Day in the Life of FAC’s Executive Director, Kathy

The staff is taking over Facebook this week. Here’s what Kathy’s Thursday looks like. Check out FAC’s Facebook to follow along!
4-10-2014 // 9:59 am

My name is Kathy Reid. I’m Executive Director of Family Abuse Center. One of my favorite things is to arrive early at the shelter. I love being here before most staff come in. I like watching the parking lot fill up. I’m sure part of the attraction is that it is often the quietest part of the day. No matter how early I arrive, all the kids are already off to school. The school buses come between 6:45 and 7:15 and I am not usually able to be here that early. This morning, however, was a late morning. I left home at 8 a.m. I had a breakfast meeting with a colleague, Amy Perkins, Executive Director of the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children. Collaborative work is an essential part of our work. We work together to bring services and hope to victims.

3:35 pm

My day has been busy and it is only half over. Lots of meetings…this afternoon I was working with all the other non-profit homeless service providers in our continuum of care. We are working on developing a Coordinated Access program for all the homeless people seeking housing in Waco. Yes, victims of domestic violence count as homeless people. In fact, domestic violence is the major cause of women and children being homeless.

4:32 pm

Next stop for me is the Open House at the Migel House. Our former board chair Kitty Tunmire and her husband Robert purchased a historic mansion in Waco built in 1907. They have been doing massive renovations. Today is an open house benefiting the Family Abuse Center. I’m looking forward to greeting people and seeing this wonderful old building restored to its former glory. Thank you Kitty and Robert! – Kathy

A Day in the Life of FAC’s Volunteer Coordinator, Amy

The staff is taking over Facebook this week. Here’s what Amy’s Wednesday looks like. Check out FAC’s Facebook to follow along!
4-9-2014 // 10:09 am

My name is Amy and I am the volunteer coordinator here at Family Abuse Center. My days usually begin with assessing what current needs exist in terms of volunteer tasks. After I get a sense of the most pressing needs of the day, I look at the schedule to see which volunteers will be helping us today and then assign tasks accordingly. I’ve answered emails from last evening and this morning, returned a couple of phone calls requesting speakers at community events and talked with Brittany, our children’s coordinator, about a special volunteer project for our Easter celebration here at the shelter. The sun is shining and it is going to be a great day!

11:55 am

I spent some time talking about scheduling with a volunteer who is a single Mom and full-time student. I am always amazed at what our volunteers juggle in their lives in order to give of their time and talents to FAC! This afternoon will find me engrossed in data entry for reporting purposes. Not the most glamorous part of the job, but certainly necessary

3:50 pm

This afternoon we enjoyed research presentations based on FAC statistical data by two of our interns and then had our bi-weekly staff meeting. The children are beginning to arrive on the school buses and our volunteers and AmeriCorps members will be waiting to help them with their homework. Another productive day at Family Abuse Center! – Amy