Rural Legal Advocate (Part Time)

Family Abuse Center is seeking to hire one part-time Rural Legal Advocate. The Rural Legal Advocate serves as a liaison between FAC and the criminal justice system assisting residential and non-residential clients as they navigate through the civil court process and access various crime victim assistance programs. A significant amount of travel in Ellis, Freestone, and Navarro Counties will be required. Successful applicants will have experience working in the field of domestic and/or sexual violence or the legal field.

• Provide direct services to victims of family violence from Ellis County, Freestone County, and Navarro County. Direct Services will include, but is not limited to, crisis intervention, legal assistance, victim advocacy, court accompaniment, case management, and information and referral. Assist with coordination of services as necessary.
• Provide outreach or community education to help identify victims of family violence and provide or refer them to needed services
• Develop working relationships with law enforcement personnel, social service organizations, churches, district attorneys, judges, medical professionals and other entities that work with or encounter victims of family violence
• Provide training to community agencies, volunteers, law enforcement personnel, faith-based organizations, and community leaders on how to identify and address issues of domestic violence and how to help victims of family violence access the resources necessary to move forward in safety.
• Provide supervision for volunteers & interns as necessary
• Complete other duties as assigned by supervisor


• Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services or Criminal Justice field or equivalent experience

• 1-3 years experience in the field of domestic and/or sexual violence preferred
• Knowledge of criminal and civil proceedings
• Experience working with diverse people and groups
• Demonstrated effectiveness in working as both a leader and a team member

• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Demonstrates experience and ease working with a diverse population of clients
• Ability to handle crisis situations with sensitivity and assertiveness
• Demonstrates skills of self-direction
• Strong organizational skills
• Demonstrates effectiveness as a member of a team as well as the ability to work independently
• Flexibility and ability to prioritize job responsibilities
• Ability to provide and receive peer supervision
• Familiarity with Microsoft Office products
• Fluency in both English and Spanish, preferred but not required

Please send cover letter and resume to Micah Titterington at

Ticket Sales Begin Today

Starting today, Dancing with the Stars Tickets are on sale. Tickets are $100, $250, or $500. You can purchase tickets and designate your tickets to support one of the dancers or you can just simply buy tickets. Tickets include a seat, dinner and at least 1 drink ticket. Seats are assigned first come first served. You will pick up all tickets at Will Call on the night of the event. (No tickets will be mailed ahead of time.)

Male Star – Female Pro
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You may also start voting online to support one of the dancers.

Dancing with the Waco Stars Votes
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Don’t forget: September 29, 2016, doors open at 6:30 p.m. Join the fun and support Family Abuse Center as we raise funds for our endowment.

Dancing with the Waco Stars

Family Abuse Center is preparing for our one and only terrific fundraiser. “The most fun fundraiser in Waco – Dancing with the Waco Stars.” This year the event will be held at the Hippodrome on September 29th starting at 6:30 pm.  All tickets will go on sale after July 1.  But for right now, we are accepting underwriting for the Stars!

Each ticket receives a seat, dinner, and at least one drink ticket for the evening.

Male Star – Female Pro
Female Star – Male Pro

See our facebook “Dancing with the Waco Stars” for bios of the stars, details about the event, and more information.

Dancing With the Waco Stars

The second annual Dancing With the Waco Stars will be held at the Hippodrome,  in downtown Waco on September 29, 2016.  Tickets will be available July 1, 2016. Call 254-772-8999 for more information.  Online purchasing will be available. Check back for more information soon!

Strategic networks that empower McLennan County youth


When shopping and you come across someone that looks familiar, one automatically stops and tries to figure out where they interacted with that person. If that interaction was positive, they may be prompted to ask where they know the person from or even mull over it before approaching. Curiosity is a normal human reaction to a familiar object, almost like déjà vu, you’ve experienced an encounter with that person or object just can’t put the puzzle pieces together.

If it is understood that curiosity is a natural human desire, why don’t we, as non-profits make an effort to implement initiatives that encourage a certain amount of interactions with prospective clients? There are strategic donation efforts in place that suggest one should interact or “touch” someone in their donorbase before asking for another donation. These “touches” range from personalized letters, biannual newsletters to attending events or even hosting events that potential donors would be interested in attending. Fundraising has been evaluated so extensively that researchers have concluded that seven touches, seven is the amount of times a donor should be touched by you or your organization should interact with the donor before asking for another donation. All of these suggestions are made to encourage relationship building and the “pay it forward attitude,” in the hopes that when one is thinking of nonprofits to contribute time and/or money to, the nonprofit would be at the forefront of the donor’s mind.

Nonprofits should proactively engage the client base as strategically as they seek the donorbase. The donor base may be fewer than the client base but the premise is the same, interact with prospects in a positive and continuous manner that prompts them to inquire about your organization and contribute either time or money.

BOOST is utilizing the fundraising concept and modifying it to connect with McLennan County youth. The reality is that many students do not have steady relationships with authority or leaders in the community. This reality has been the basis of our EMCeeS , Empowering McLennan County Schools, initiative. In the nonprofit community, the leaders are the emcees. Leaders are in control of the mic but we are in place to amplify the needs of the community. EMCeeS are building a network of resources for youth by developing strategic partnerships with organizations in the area, aiming to “touch” certain schools seven times whether it is in a partner organization, volunteering in a school program or presenting at their school. These measures we are implementing are seeking to gauge the McLennan County youth, a strategic play on a natural human desire, curiosity.

BOOST is a leadership development program focused on preventing teen violence. The program’s curriculum integrates preventative measures and leadership then seeks to empower the community by encouraging the ambassador to lead sessions after they complete their leadership development course. We are currently recruiting nine ambassadors for Spring 2016.

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Blog is written by Netta Mustin, BOOST’s Program Manager